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At Richmond Hill we grow independence, build communication and believe you can achieve your personal goals.

In Red class we spend part of each day in a session called Attention Autism. This is a fun approach to teach children to pay attention to a teacher or adult. The children learn to sit still, watch, listen and focus on what an adult is doing. This is done by using toys and activities that are exciting to watch.


Once we have captured the children’s attention we can then use it to ask them to take part in tasks, first by taking turns in the fun element of the session and then by taking a piece of work away to complete and return to the teacher. In repeating these sessions regularly the children learn to become used to the format of a regular lesson.


They are then able to engage more in each lesson and will assist in their long term progression and development.


Attention Autism has been developed by experienced speech therapist Gina Davies, you can find out more about the programme on her website; .

Gina Davies at The Walnuts Milton Keynes

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