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Summer 2

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Hi everyone

Hope you're all well. If anyone would like to join in, here is the link of a recipe for the next cake challenge:-
Don't forget to send in some photos. Enjoy!

Cake Challenge

Hi Ruby Class

I hope you enjoyed the half term holiday and took advantage of the beautiful weather we’ve been having.



I hope you’re all well and keeping safe.

I have added a PowerPoint that explains why social distancing is so important. Please have a look and practise being 2 metres apart from your family and if you get too close your bubble will burst!


Whilst it is good to practise, remember that you can get closer to your family that you live with but it will help you to understand how close you can get to others. 

Also, remember to wash your hands regularly. All of these tips will help you to keep safe and well.



After looking at the PowerPoint and learning the importance of social distancing, can you create a poster to promote how we can all help to prevent the spread of the virus? You can use pen and paper or create a poster on the computer. You could use your Purple Mash login and search for ‘poster’ and get creative! Please send pictures to the class email.

I look forward to seeing them.



I have added the curriculum map to show the areas of learning we would have been covering this half term.



In cookery, we would have been baking a range of different cakes. I would like to challenge you to bake the cake we would have been making and try to do as much yourself as possible. Try to find all the equipment and ingredients you will need and use weighing scales, measuring cups (maths link) to weigh / measure each ingredient. Try to follow the recipe step by step. Please be careful using all the equipment and don’t forget to send me photos of your creations!



You will receive another work pack this week in the post. I hope you enjoy completing them.

Please send me some photos of your work to the class email and I’ll have them added to the class web page for you all to see.

It will be lovely to see photos of you. It has been so long since we we’re in Ruby Class, I miss seeing you all.

Don’t forget to check the class emails and if you need anything in between phone calls, then please don’t hesitate to contact me via the class email.


Summer 1

Dance & Wiggle Day!

On Friday 15th May we will be taking part in this year’s

Dance and Wiggle Day (either at school or from home).


We would like everyone to get involved: so we are asking you to send videos / photos of your child dancing to ‘Trolls World Tour - Just Sing’


Song Link:


Please send them to the address below, so that out IT Team can put together a video for us all to watch and enjoy.


Send your photos and videos to:


Have fun!

Online Safety

Ruby Class Update

It has been lovely to speak to some of you and hear how you all are.


I hope you are all keeping safe and well at home. We have been really lucky with all the lovely weather we have had. Make sure you continue to use outside space, going on your daily walk / exercise, a change of scenery and fresh air is really important.


Remember the most important thing at the minute is your child being happy and safe.

A new work pack will be going out to you this week. So, continue to work through these and dip in and out of the websites and activities when you wish.


Below are a few extra activities for you:-

  • Play twister or Simon says. These types of games support listening skills, decoding skills as we follow directions, positional language acquisition and are great for gross motor skills.


  • Another incredible listening game is - I Spy. One person finds an object within view and begins to describe it one attribute at a time. “I spy something round. I spy something red. I spy something with four wheels” Here is a link to some I spy sheets


  • Play boardgames, card games or dominoes. This can be as simple or as complex as you like but there are valuable skills in turn-taking, instruction decoding and processing information. Jigsaws are also fantastic as they support problem-solving skills, fine motor-skills, perseverance and resilience as well as team work if you do them together.


  • Cook together – Ruby Class love to cook and help prepare ingredients – therefore get the children involved in peeling, cutting, mixing, kneading, rolling etc.


It would be lovely to see some more photographs of the children completing activities or photos of their lovely work.

Home learning activities, link and ideas

Google Animals AR 

Something fun to do with your parents is type in google animals AR into a google search engine and using a smart phone you can make some animals appear in your house or garden! Email us a photo of what animals you invite into your home!

Keep checking our e-safety page for more activities to complete linked to the Thinkuknow website.

Ruby class we have really enjoyed seeing some photos of your hard work and some activities that you have been up to during our school closure. Please keep sending in photos to us via the class email and we can share on this page for your friends to see. 

Julia Donaldson Resources

The author of the Gruffalo has created some new scenes to help children adjust to living through the coronavirus pandemic. I thought the children would like to see some of the new content by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. They will have read or heard many of the stories over the years. I have attached the images below.

They have also written a Coronavirus story book which you could share with them, click on the PDF file below. 


I have put together a few ideas that the children can do at home and some activities that they are familiar with.

Don’t forget to check out our school home learning page at:


Keep active:

  • Start your day with the Joe Wicks workout (9am) and have regular blasts of exercise throughout the day.

The children will love to do the following:  

  • Shake you Sillies Out:

  • Wake up shake up: We do this every morning in Ruby Class:

  • Just dance: Waka Waka - Ruby Class love doing this!

There are lots of other dances / songs on there too!



  • Carol Vorderman is offering free usage while the schools are closed.


  • Amazon - kids everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across six different languages. All stories are currently free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet using the following link:


  • Top Marks is a great website to visit, there are lots of games /activities for all different abilities.

Just select an age group or topic and away you go.


  • Use a phone or iPad camera and take pictures of things in and around your home and garden, such as toys, family, animals or flowers.
  • The children can then use photos to then draw pictures or keep a journal on what you find or do each day.


Fine motor skills:

  • Hang the washing out using pegs
  • Do the washing up wearing washing up gloves
  • Practice cutting / colouring
  • Get the children chopping ingredients for your family meal

Chester Zoo- Live steams

Over on the Chester Zoo Facebook page (adult supervision required) they are hosting some LIVE virtual tours of the animals. Make sure your parents are supervising you whilst on their Facebook account. Can you write down 5 new facts you've learnt about some of the animals in the videos!

Keeping Active

Have a go at the body coaches family workouts. I did one this morning and it was great!


Complete some of the activities from ThinkUKnow that we have added toi our E-safety page- click here. 


Next half term our English work will be based on some of David Walliams famous and funny stories. Have a listen to some of his books via the link below, ask your child questions about what they have heard. 

He has a fantastic website where you can find out more about his stories and about him as an author click here.  

Spring 2

World Book Day 2020!

We went to our local fish and chip shop for lunch as the class achieved over 1000 dojo points last half term. The children had to wait patiently for their food in the restaurant. This linked well to our school value for this half term- patience. 

Enterprise fair- Feb 2020

Ruby class worked hard in our Enterprise workshop this week- the children made slime and play dough to sell at the Enterprise fair and raised £41.70!!! 

Welcome Back

We have a wonderful half term ahead of us.

Our topic this half term is ‘The United Kingdom’. We will be learning about the countries within the UK, locating the areas and capital cities on the map. We will learn different facts about each country. We will decorate flags and complete different crafts, e.g. the national flower of each country.  

Please check our web page regularly to see all of the great things that we have been doing as I will regularly add photos.


Please find below our curriculum map for this term.

Spring 1

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, from Ruby Class 

Carnival Day! 

Year 6 have been learning about Black Culture and had a lovely lady from Carnival Arts Luton in to explore different costumes, music and masks. The children had a great time! 

Exploring costumes: 

Making music: 

Making masks: 

Visit to our buddy class- Canary Class

Ruby class had a fantastic time visiting our buddy Class at East site. Ruby class wrote them a poem and baked a chocolate cake to give to Canary class. We also performed our Jackson 5-ABC performance. 

English- Poetry and Rhyme 

The children have been working hard in English learning about poetry and rhyme. They’ve also being learning about grammar and punctuation. Here are some photos of the children’s fantastic work:

Please find below our curriculum map for this term.

Autumn 2

We have had a wonderful term and enjoyed all the festive Christmas activities over the past couple of weeks. Today Santa came to visit us!

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday!

Take Over Day!

Abdul took over control of the class as part of our whole school Take Over Day! He really enjoyed being the teacher at times throughout the day and deciding what the children should do on this special day!


Children In Need

We enjoyed dressing up for Children In Need. The children designed their own Pudsey, learnt about the history of CIN and what we raise money for. The children also participated in a variety of activities led by the year 6 teachers and a disco too! What a fun day for a great cause. Ruby class also hosted the CIN tuck shop.

Anti-Bullying week 

As part of our work on anti-bullying Ruby class used Purplemash to design an anti-bullying webpage and some anti-bullying posters. Here is some of the children’s work: 

We’ve reached over 500 class dojo points!!! 

As the class achieved over 500 dojo points last half term they got to decide on a special trip as their reward. The children chose to attend Mead Open Farms Halloween Horror event. All the children were very brave and went to all the spooky trails and shows. 

Please take a look at our curriculum map below, this will give you a brief overview of what we will be up to over this half term.

Autumn 1

Hello and welcome to Ruby Class and Year six!


Our class is made up of ten children and five grown-ups. Our class teachers are Michelle and Emma. We have a great team working alongside the children, Linda is our TA3 and Monika, Karolina and Nadima are our TA's. We have seven boys and three girls in our class and they have settled in really well and it's been great getting to know them. We are looking forward to a great year together.


This half term our topic is “Fit as a Fiddle” and it gives us the opportunity to learn about all the different ways we can look after our bodies and stay healthy – which is so important now we are getting bigger and are almost ready to leave Richmond Hill! We also have a couple of trips to the Gymnastics Centre scheduled for this half term, where we will be buddying up with Pearl Class for some fun physical activity. 


In English, we are going to focus on the book The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We feel the children will really enjoy reading this story. As always we will use the story to develop our reading, writing and speaking and listening skills. This will also be reinforced when completing our weekend news every Monday morning. 


We look forward to meeting you soon! Please keep checking this page to see what we have been up to!

Our lovely work on display...

Our class timetable with clocks added...


We've been working really hard in maths this half term. We have learnt more about shapes, measuring distance, collecting data, number and time. 

WOW afternoon- Topic- Fit as a Fiddle!

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