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Summer 1

Spring 2

Easter Hats

We finished last term Spring 2 making Easter hats for our Easter parade :-) 

Lots of Fun

As you can see from the photos below Spring two was lots of fun.


WOW what a quick five week term! 

Firstly the children have all done really well settling into school and some starting RHS and having their first day at a new school. They have coped very well with all the changes and new situations they have found themselves in.

I would also like to take this opportunity, again,  to thank parents for your support whilst the remote learning was taking place. 

I hope the emails and this website update will help you get an insight into what fun learning the children have been doing in Chicks Class over the past few weeks altogether. It has been a pleasure so far getting to know the children and seeing what their interests are. We have made big steps of progress too already with some children being toilet trained which is amazing and a credit to home and school working so well together. 

Remember this half term we have been looking at nursery rhymes and all sections of our numeracy curriculum, encompassed in our mark making topic. Hope you enjoy seeing the photos of us learning and exploring the world around us. 

We wish you a lovely half term and look closely at the class page for information on next terms topic and learning opportunities. 

If  you have any questions in the meantime please give me an email on our class email.


Many thanks Chicks Class Team

The learning at home and school continues with fun nursery rhymes. We have been learning the rhymes through play and puppets. We have been using our fine motor skills through our mark making topic to paint spiders etc. Look at our lovely displays brightening up our classroom.


I am your new class teacher Tabitha and in my team there is Margaret (TA3),  Lisa (TA1) and Seren (TA1) 

We are currently getting the classroom ready and prepared for January. 

Here is a photo of the classroom we are in a new hut which is very exciting. 

We have a class email, which is

So like stated on the phone if you need anything over the holiday period or are anxious before we start get in touch.

 We hope you have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

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