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Summer 2

Making Gingerbread Men!

Jim and the Beanstalk

Below is Blue Classes curriculum overview for this half term. You can click to view to document or download the PDF on the link below.

Summer 1


In cookery we made apple crumble, it tasted so good!

Willow Farm

We had an amazing time at Willow Farm, We got to meet lots of different animals, found treasure and had great fun on the rides!

Dance & Wiggle

We had great fun dancing all day every hour for our annual Dance & Wiggle Day!


Below is Blue Classes curriculum overview for this half term. You can click to view to document or download the PDF on the link below.

Spring 2

Paddington Bear Cake

Topic - Design and Print

Cookery - Quorn Pizza

Making Margherita Pizza

Below is our class curriculum overview. Please click on the link below to download it. 

Spring 1

Owl Pictures

Spring 1 Update

We made jelly play dough with Alison and watched magic tricks in the hall!

Below is Blue Classes curriculum overview for this half term. You can click to view to document or download the PDF on the link below. 

Autumn 2

Blue Class Update

Last week we created and designed a Christmas jumper together and we also visited our buddy class Flamingos over at the East site.

Please find the attached pictures below.

Children in Need

We had lots of fun on our visit to East site

Eggs and Soldiers

Exploring 3D Shapes

We enjoyed celebrating Halloween this week!

Welcome back to our class page for Autumn 2. 


Take a look below at our curriculum map for the term, this will give you an insight as to what we are up to! 


Please keep checking back for more updates.

Autumn 1

Our lovely classroom displays...

Sweet Shop


Making shapes with play dough

We worked hard in maths to make shapes using play dough. Some of us went around the lines of a simple shape with play dough and some of us used shapes to complete a picture e.g. making wheels on a bus or stars in the sky. 

Exploring magnets and metals

We have really enjoyed looking at metals this week in our topic lessons. It was really fun exploring the magnets and different objects made of metal. 

Autumn 1

Welcome to Blue Class’ page. The adults in Blue Class are Sapna (teacher), Alison (teacher), Dil (TA2), Vicki and Sandra. The children in our class are; Abu, Jaelan, Justin, Rohaan, Saniyah, Sean, Yasmine and Yusuf. We have already had a fantastic start to the new year!


Our topic this term is ‘What a load of Junk’’! The focus of this topic is the environment, materials and recycling. Each week in our topic sessions, we will be learning about and exploring a different material such as metal, plastic, paper and fabric. We will be using recycled materials to make junk models and different craft items each week using a different material.


In Literacy our learning will be based on the book ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’. The children have already enjoyed listening to this story (especially the part where the giants pants fall down!). We’ve been singing the giants song and learning the names for the different items of clothes. Most of the children will be learning the names of the different characters and building simple sentences about them. Some of the children will be learning to write about their favourite parts of the story and retell the story in their own words.

The Smartest Giant in Town

We will be working on our reading skills too - practising reading words, symbols and sentences to our friends and hopefully perform some reading to the whole class. We love to video their performances and watch them back.


In Maths we will be continuing our work with numbers and counting and sorting. We will be exploring patterns with shapes, pictures and objects such as threading beads in a 2 step pattern (red, yellow, red, yellow). You could have a go at making some patterns with materials you have at home. Some of us will be learning to match items that are the same and items that are similar e.g. matching socks into pairs or putting all the plates/cups together. A few of us will be extending our adding to bigger numbers and practise our subtraction skills. We will also be revisiting geometry and measurement in lots of practical ways. Keep an eye on our page for new photos!


In Expressive Arts we will be using art, music, drama and role play to create our own performances. We will be getting our dancing shoes on to listen and dance to disco and musical theatre this half term.


In Cookery we are cooking and tasting a variety of different soups. We will be practising our chopping, peeling, slicing and grating skills. This half term we will be helping the adults to stir the soup on the stove (while learning about safety when working with hot liquids) and blending them up.


During ICT we will be using a range of different programs to practise our mark making skills. We will be looking at famous artwork from different artists and trying to recreate them using the computer packages.


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