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At Richmond Hill we grow independence, build communication and believe you can achieve your personal goals.

The children painted some lovely pictures with water colours. They were very careful not to mix the different colour paints and to keep the within the lines. The finished paintings were so good they were put up on the classroom window so passing children and staff could see!


                                                               Summer 2

Our story this term is Owl Babies. We used cotton wool balls to paint the baby owls and used our hand prints to make the feathers for the mother owl.

This is the finished display.

Wow !   I cannot believe we are in our last term.  It seems like only a few weeks ago that we started in Gold class.  For some of the children it will be their last term at Richmond Hill School.  We plan to do lots of fun activities to ensure they all have a lovely last term.  Let's hope the sun shines and we can continue to do lots of our learning outside of the classroom.  I have attached the curriculum map for this term.

We have been exploring measuring using different body parts which was fun.

Summer 1

It is great to be back for the Summer first term.  Let's cross our fingers and hope that we can have a good term and that the children get to be in school, learning and having fun and enjoying being outside and making the most of hopefully, the lovely weather.

The topic this half term is called The Natural World and incorporates plants, animals and humans.  We are hoping to make the most of our garden area and plant some seeds and look after them.  Keep looking at the website to see some photos soon of us hard at work in the garden.

I have attached our curriculum map for this half term.

Our story this half term is called The snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson.  It is read aloud on youtube.




We made colourful parrots to add to the display in our classroom.

We added toucans, crabs, dolphins, fish and of course the snail to finish  our classroom  display. 

We planted our micro greens in the classroom.

                                                                                Spring 1


What unusual times we're in again. I will be running the class remotely either through live sessions pre arranged with you, over the phone or by delivering resources each week for the pupils to work through. 

Please call west site or email us at if there is anything further we can do to support you.


I will be populating this page with supplementary learning and activities as the weeks go on. Please also refer to our home learning page for extra resources and don't forget to log in to the LIVE remote sessions using the log in details that was emailed to you.

The story that we would have been doing this half term is called The Squash and The Squeeze.  I have attached a powerpoint with the story on and you can also access the story through youtube.
This is a powerpoint which has the first 20 high frequency words, you could use it to help sound out the words.  You could also make written copies of the words and then play a game with the words to help encourage recognition.

Autumn 1

Please find below our curriculum map for this term.

Welcome to Gold class

We look forward to doing lots of fun things this year and will add as many photos as we can to show you what we have been doing.


In Gold class we have 4 boys and 5 girls. Our team is myself Sarah (teacher), Jane (TA3) and our TA1's Louise, Tina and Raiful. We are also supported by Emily (HLTA) on Thursday afternoon and Friday.


All the children have already been very bus doing lots of maths and English activities and getting back in the routine of school. Our topic is 'All about Me' and we will be exploring lots of things about ourselves.


We had fun in Science today. As part of us learning about ourselves, we looked at a fish and discovered it is similar to us, it has skin, bones and blood. The children all were very interested in looking and investigating the fish as you can see from our photos.

In Science this week we have been looking at our senses.  We explored the sense of smell and had fun smelling blue cheese and perfumes.



In PSHE we looked at the feeling of being worried.  We made some worry dolls that we can tell our worries to.

Halloween week


This week we spent the week doing lots of Halloween activities.  At the end we dressed up and had a Halloween party, it was great fun as you can see by the photos.

                                                                                           Autumn 2
This is the curriculum map for Autumn 2
We explored Bonfire Night. We made firework pictures using marbles and straws. We had fun using sparklers outside. Then we ate chocolate sprinkle apples that we had made earlier.  We had lots of fun! 
In Science we have been exploring light.  We had fun making shadows on the ceiling using the projector and our hands.
In Science we made a lava lamp.
We have been exploring the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the children had a go at acting it out.  They dressed up as Red Riding Hood, the Wolf, Grandma and the Woodcutter.  They were brilliant at remembering the sequence of the story and had fun acting it out.
We have had fun doing lots of activities to get ready for Christmas.

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