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The School Council Voice 2023-24 

The RHS School Council Voice was formed to ensure that all pupils "voices" within the school are heard. This might be through the use of visual aids such as PECS, voice output devices, or even adults advocating for pupils based on their knowledge of that child.
All children regardless of age or ability have opinions and it is our responsibility to ensure those opinions are "heard".
Our children should be given opportunities to represent their school in the wider community and experience greater responsibility through the roles they play.
The School Council Voice will run in parallel with our Creative Curriculum and additional Arts activities.

The School Council Voice will have a voted pupil representative from every class (The Class Voice eg. Parrot’s Voice). This vote is carried out within class.
A TA from each class is also to be assigned responsibility for their Class Voice representative and will support them in their role throughout the year.
Every year group will also have an overall representative (The Year’s Voice eg. The Year 6 Voice) who is voted in by the whole school from the choice of class reps.


David Lloyd will oversee the School Council Voice and their yearly activities.


Our School Council Voice Class reps and Year Reps are: TBA


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