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Welcome to Opal Class!


We have two teachers, Rachel who teaches on Monday and Tuesday and Sarah who teaches Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


We have lots of classroom support led by Nicola and helped by Janice, Claire and Linda.


In our class we have Antonio, Joshua, Raffeh, Rejaul, Mohamed, William, Danial and Shivangi.


Summer 2


This half term our topic is 'Moving and Changing' which we will be exploring forces with the help of some superheroes!!! We'll be meeting Powerful Push, Pretty Pull, Super Spinner, Magnetic Man and lots more during the term!


In literacy we will be reading books about 'Pants'. In science we will be learning about forces.


We will be raising money for our trip to Guilivers Land.



Cinderella story book reading

The Pants Song


Summer 1


This half term is a very short one. Our topic is 'A frog chorus!' which we will be investigating pond life and focussing on the life cycle of a frog! Wehope to have several trips to find frogs.


In literacy we will be reading two new books 'Snow White and the Seven Dart Frogs' and 'Jack and the Incedibly Mean Stalk'

In science we are looking at the frog life cycle and the difference between living and non living things.

We have been doing some Pond Cooking!

Pond dipping at Ashridge

We shall also be learning the 'frog chorus' song by Paul McCartney for an end of term performance with the rest of years 5/6!

Frog Chorus

This was our ICT lesson from this week! (29/04/2014)

Here is our Froggy Recipe!


Spring 2


This half term our topic is 'Through The Decades'. We shall be having a decade party each Friday where we shall dress up, listen to music, dance, sample foods and play with toys relevant to each decade starting with the 40's through to the 80's. We will also be recreating some of the popular artistic styles from each decade too.


Music Through the Decades

In ICT this week, Opal Class have been print screening their favourite images, pasting them into word documents, for them to be printed! Below are some pictures!

Print Screening, Cropping and Pasting


 Our cookery will also be based on the decade we are studying.

1950's hot dogs and milkshakes


We dressed up as teenagers from the 1950s


1940's Week


We made Jam sandwiches to take with us when we were evacuated, we had to wear name badges so our new family knew who we were. In drama we also hid in air raid shelters.


In literacy our book is Cinderboy – a Football story based on Cinderella. You can buy the book here.

Cinderboy Display


Uploaded by Mackidsbookstore on 2013-07-05.




We have been enjoying listening to these two shape songs as part of our numeracy.

The Shapes Song

Shapes Song 2


In science we are looking at sounds and identifying them around the school and whilst out and about in the environment. We will even be making some of our own instruments!!!


We used 2 straws sandwiched between 2 lolly sticks and held together with elastic bands to make our own musical sandwiches.

Science - We made our own musical sandwich

Science - Sounds


In ICT we will be using the internet to research each decade and then print off information to add to our 'Through the Decades' display.


In PSHE we will be looking at safety, particularly road safety.



Spring 1

During this half term we have been reading the Rainbow Fish. If you wish to watch it on YouTube, you can watch this story below!

The Rainbow Fish

A sentence to describe our class!

We used Clicker Paint to make front covers for our 'Talking Textures' topic books. We used the tools that makes patterns, then we wrote our name on the top.

Our Self Portraits

Making a Front Cover for The Topic Books

Autumn 2

During our 'Mission to Mars' topic which focussed around space we enjoyed looking at light and dark.


We also had a real spaceman come and visit us...



Our Spacemen

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