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Summer 2

Taste Testing

In Science this week we have been taste testing, children like the taste of honey but weren't to keen on the taste of capers!


This week in Maths, Green Class have been counting in 5's! 

Cookery- Salads

This half term in cookery year 4 are making some yummy salads using produce from the garden. 

Expressive Arts

The children enjoyed visiting our man made beach during Expressive Arts during the past couple of weeks. They are now practising their performance for East Meets West Festival. 


We went on a bug hunt to find out what else lives in our garden!

Below is Green Classes curriculum overview for this half term. You can click to view to document or download the PDF on the link below.

Summer 1


This week in Computing we had fun using Photobooth to alter images. 


In Science this half term the children have been learning about animals and humans. They have sorted farm animals from zoo animals and looked after Emma's dog Jack for the morning. 

Road Safety Week


We have been learning lots in Maths so far this term including, Counting, Matching & Ordering numbers and objects.

Below is Green Classes curriculum overview for this half term. You can click to view to document or download the PDF on the link below.

Spring 2

Sports Day Activities!

Other lovely photos of things we've been up to...

Our focus in cookery this half term is Pizza- we've made the dough and then added different toppings each week. The children have enjoyed eating their pizza's! 
Our topic this half term is Pictures, Paintings and Photographs. The children have been creating some fantastic pieces of artwork to be presented in our Art Gallery after Easter. We have explored different mediums, different tools and learnt about primary and secondary colours as well as shades of colour. We have looked at some famous artists and created some work in the style of them. 


In maths we have been working with shapes and exploring positional language.

Below is our class curriculum overview for this half term. You can download it using the link below. 

Spring 1

We have been very busy in maths this half term. Have a look at what we have been learning about...

Computing- Animation

Still image for this video
Mickey used some foam shapes to spell out his name using stop- go animation on the ipad!

Computing- Animation

Still image for this video
Andrew used some foam shapes to spell out his name, step-by-step using stop-go animation on the ipad!

A flying visit...

We had a great week learning about Owls and we had some Owls come in to visit us which was a lovely experience for the children. 

This half term we are focusing on road safety and money. We will be walking to a local shop to buy some treats to share at snack time every Tuesday. 
We've started our topic work on Spellbound, this week we made some Wizards hats!
This week in maths we have been learning about addition.

Room on the Broom Video

Here is a video version of the story we are doing this half term in Green Class.
To the annoyance of her cat a kindly witch allows a dog,a bird and a frog who have helped her retrieve things she has lost to ride on her broomstick,making it top heavy. The broom is destroyed by a fire-breathing dragon who threatens to eat the witch but the creatures band together to impersonate a monster and save her.

This is Green Classes curriculum overview for this half term. Click on it to view or you can download the PDF below. 

Autumn 2

Trip to see Santa

We have had a lovely time exploring all the fun things to do at Mead Open Farm and we even got to visit Santa and his Elves!!! The children really enjoyed feeding the sheep and choosing a present from Santa's toy shop!

Our trip to East's Lightroom.

This week we went to use the spectacular light room at East site to explore light and light patterns. Here are some photos:


In science we have been exploring shadows- we had great fun making shadows with our body parts and then with shadow puppets retelling the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. 

Side by Side Whole School Art Project

We collaborated with our buddy classes from East to make a tree sculpture. Green Class enjoyed making and designing some leaves and constructing the tree as a team over at East. 

This week we have begun reading our Traditional Tale- Goldilocks and the Three Bears!
Have a look at the grid below to see what we are up to this half term. You can also download the document by opening the document below. 

Autumn 1

Our topic 'What a Load of Junk' has come to an end and today we went to recycle all the junk that we have collected. We sorted all our items into plastic, metal and paper this morning then went to visit the recycle centre. We also had some donations of clothing from our parents so we took them to Keech charity shop. 

Hamilton's Trip to Wardown Museum.

Today we took Hamilton to Wardown Museum to look at all the different hats...Hamilton's favourite hat was horse riding hat!

Our lovely classroom displays...

We have been working really hard in Green class and here are some photos of what we have been up to so far!

We even have a special guest at the moment- Hamilton the pig who is helping us with our literacy work!

Hamilton came to visit Green Class!


In topic this week we have been exploring plastic and learning about its properties. We designed our bottle on paper and then created our design by adding paint, drawings, tape and paper to our bottles! Ayaan made a colourful bottle, Zeeshan made a green and yellow monster, Mickey made Buzz, Andrew made a Minion and Mustafa and Rashdan made a sensory bottle. Have a look at the photos below.

Autumn 1

Welcome back to a new school term! My name is Emma and I am your child's class teacher this year. There are 6 boys in Green class and they have already settled in well and made good friends. In Green class we have 4 teaching assistants; Michelle, Elaine, Claire and Elaine.


This half term our topic is 'What a Load of Junk!' Here are the themes for each week:










Junk Hunt


Metal/ Magnets




Paper/ cardboard


Fabric/ Waterproof


Natural materials


Recycling/ Junk models



During each week we will become detectives- going out and about identifying different items made of specific materials.We'll also be making different crafts using recycled materials. We're planning a trip to the recycling bank and are going to collect clothes to donate to charity. We'll also be creating some music using different materials to create different sounds. Below are some photos of us making our binoculars and going on a junk hunt! 

Junk Detectives

In English we are reading the story 'Hamilton's Hat's. Using the story the children will be working on further developing their fine and gross motor skills, reading, writing and speaking and listening.


In Maths we will be using Hamilton and some hats to further develop their mathematical skills in a creative and fun way!


In cookery we will be making soups, in computing we will be using drawing packages to create marks and images and in science we will be learning about materials and their properties linked to our topic.


The children are grouped across the year band in signing, phonics, attention skills and music so they will be able to mix with their peers and move around the school as independently as possible. 


I am looking forward to meeting you at Meet the Teacher soon and will speak to you via the home/ school book weekly. 



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