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Summer 2


Splash Park Fun!

Pearl class had the most awesome time on their trip to the SPLASH park.  They also loved playing in the HUGE playground and on the super fast zip wire.  Jacqueline then surprised them by taking them to the drive-through car wash on the way home (they love going there!).  It was also one child's' birthday - AMAZING DAY!

Week 1 Update

A cheeky banana dolphin swam into Pearl class and took the pencils!


The children in Pearl class also have been learning about sun safety and exploring photobooth apps on the Ipad.


To start our new topic of Fun in the Sun and our cookery focus of picnic food we went for a picnic in the park.  All of the year 6 classes walked to the park together, we relaxed, we ate and we played...EPIC!

Below is Pearl Classes curriculum overview for this half term. You can click on the picture below to view the document or click the PDF file to download.

Summer 1

Stockwood Park Trip

We had an epic trip at Stockwood Park Discovery centre and got to explore old fashioned transport.

Making and Tasting our Marvellous Medicine

Our Waterproof Testing

We investigated which materials are waterproof and which are not waterproof.

We put a teddy inside each material and poured water over the top.

WET TEDDY = not waterproof.

DRY TEDDY = waterproof material.

Ocean in a bottle!

We experimented how to change the colour of water.  Then we experimented how to turn it darker or lighter.

Baking and gardening skills!

Finding half of amounts at Sam's snack shop and some super weekend news on Grandma's face!


We put on our gloves and investigated the fish which we bought from Sainsbury's on our trip.

We used our senses to describe the fish.  Everyone held the fish and looked closely at its scales, eyeball, mouth, teeth, tail, fin, body and gills.  We even made it 'talk' by moving its mouth...Pearl class LOVED it!

Sainsbury's Trip

We popped to Sainsbury's to buy a fish from the fishmonger so that we look at it's scales, mouth, eyeballs and other features.

Woodlands Cafe

Take a look at our pictures of our visit to Woodlands Cafe! It was WONDERFUL!

Water Experiments


Pearl class have been exploring water this week with experiments and sorting solid, liquid and gas.

The magic beads started out hard and small and grew to be soft and large once they had absorbed the water.  

During our outside run we also looked at daisies and dandelions - we picked some and learnt to 'tell the time' by blowing them!