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Summer 2


Splash Park Fun!

Pearl class had the most awesome time on their trip to the SPLASH park.  They also loved playing in the HUGE playground and on the super fast zip wire.  Jacqueline then surprised them by taking them to the drive-through car wash on the way home (they love going there!).  It was also one child's' birthday - AMAZING DAY!

Week 1 Update

A cheeky banana dolphin swam into Pearl class and took the pencils!


The children in Pearl class also have been learning about sun safety and exploring photobooth apps on the Ipad.


To start our new topic of Fun in the Sun and our cookery focus of picnic food we went for a picnic in the park.  All of the year 6 classes walked to the park together, we relaxed, we ate and we played...EPIC!

Below is Pearl Classes curriculum overview for this half term. You can click on the picture below to view the document or click the PDF file to download.

Summer 1

Stockwood Park Trip

We had an epic trip at Stockwood Park Discovery centre and got to explore old fashioned transport.

Making and Tasting our Marvellous Medicine

Our Waterproof Testing

We investigated which materials are waterproof and which are not waterproof.

We put a teddy inside each material and poured water over the top.

WET TEDDY = not waterproof.

DRY TEDDY = waterproof material.

Ocean in a bottle!

We experimented how to change the colour of water.  Then we experimented how to turn it darker or lighter.

Baking and gardening skills!

Finding half of amounts at Sam's snack shop and some super weekend news on Grandma's face!


We put on our gloves and investigated the fish which we bought from Sainsbury's on our trip.

We used our senses to describe the fish.  Everyone held the fish and looked closely at its scales, eyeball, mouth, teeth, tail, fin, body and gills.  We even made it 'talk' by moving its mouth...Pearl class LOVED it!

Sainsbury's Trip

We popped to Sainsbury's to buy a fish from the fishmonger so that we look at it's scales, mouth, eyeballs and other features.

Woodlands Cafe

Take a look at our pictures of our visit to Woodlands Cafe! It was WONDERFUL!

Water Experiments


Pearl class have been exploring water this week with experiments and sorting solid, liquid and gas.

The magic beads started out hard and small and grew to be soft and large once they had absorbed the water.  

During our outside run we also looked at daisies and dandelions - we picked some and learnt to 'tell the time' by blowing them!

A Big Thank You!

THANK YOU to Paris and his mum for sending in a bag full of lovely toys for the children...the children thought Christmas had arrived early!

Speaking and Listening

Speaking and listening in Pearl class is so much fun. The children make phone calls to order items from catalogues or menus and practice conversations requiring their personal details e.g. full name, initials, postcode and D.O.B.


We have had an awesome start to our topic of 'Water, Water Everywhere'.  The children followed clues to find their surprise - a fish tank!  Each child then received their own sea creature - they gave them names and described them.  Together the children added gravel, bushes, pebbles and water to the fish tank before putting their own sea creature in.  Everyday they will watch their creature grow, will feed them and check the temperature of the water.  They have also been sorting animals which live on land, sea and both.


Pearl class have also fallen in love with our story for this half term - George's Marvellous Medicine.  During the story the children take turns to add bubbling, fizzing and crackling ingredients to the medicine and even taste some of the more delicious ingredients (honey and jam).

Welcome back to Summer Term 1!  This is the final term for the children in Pearl class before they move on to their secondary school (apart from Paris who is year 5).


Our topic this half term is ‘Water, Water Everywhere!’  We will be learning about water, different water

sources, how we can save water, water

animals, the water cycle and lots of

science experiments involving water

e.g. converting liquid water into

solid water (ice).

 Image result for water water everywhere


This half term our school focus is ‘stories from

well-known authors’  Pearl class have chosen

a story called, ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’

by Roald Dahl.  

Image result for george's marvellous medicine

We will be exploring and re-enacting the story, completing sentences, comprehension tasks, sequencing the story and creating our own version, linking this to our Computing work.  We will be creating our own gruesome medicines with lots of gory ingredients! YUM!


We will be continuing our learning about

puberty and will also be preparing a lot more

for our transition to secondary school.  

For example, the children will send emails

and letters to the children at Woodlands to

answer their questions/gain information

and make friends.

Image result for transition

Spring 2

Easter Fun

Developing Independence 

Out and about, developing independence.


  • Each child was sent with a peer to find an Easter egg which they wanted to buy and then meet back with Jacqueline. 
  • Each child used the checkout till to purchase their item and remembered to find the barcode to help them when scanning.
  • Pearl class then had a look around different types of shops, such as Pets at Home and Wickes home department.

Snaps throughout the week

A few snaps from this week...smarties tally charts, arm wrestling, music making and mothers day!

Car Wash Trip!


This week in science we have been investigating what plants need to survive.

We did an experiment with four plants - one had water, air and light, one had no light, one had no water and one had juice instead of are our results.

Exercise in the Mornings!

Pearl class love to exercise every morning, it wakes up our brains for learning!

Speaking and Listening

In Pearl class we LOVE to practice our speaking and listening by using the telephones to make phone calls!  We have a HUGE phonebook - the children can call anyone...e.g. Burger King to make an order request or they can call The Queen!

Jurassic World

Pearl class are loving our 'Jurassic World' topic in expressive arts.

They worked together to release a baby dinosaur from a ball of ice!

Comic Relief in Pearl Class

Scottish Art

Pearl class have been creating Scottish art in the style of Steven Brown.

They have also been learning about our value of honesty and using our class honesty box!


This half term we are cooking noodles every week in cookery.  We will try different recipes and will attempt to eat them with chopsticks.  YUM!  All of the children in Pearl class are very independent in the kitchen and can even use sharp knives with minimal supervision - please encourage them to cook with you at home - they love it!


In science today (Thursday 7th March) we have been learning about parts of plants and what their functions are.  


We compared different plants, leave and flowers.  We explored them using our senses and thought of describing words.  


We took each plant apart and sorted the parts into three piles:  stems, leaves, flowers.


Then we made out own plant by sticking the parts back together.



Pancake Day

Here is some of the children's AMAZING literacy work from this week (a theme of our story The Tiger Child, our topic Great Britain and PLP targets of asking questions).  Every week the children write their weekend news with a checklist of features to include, such as the WOW word of the week.  The children spend time with their 'magic pen' finding and circling their WOW words, and, because, certain sounds in words !  ?  and " "  .



The Tiger Child

We have had an amazing first day back after half term and have welcomed a wonderful new boy called Paris to Pearl class.


We have started reading our story 'The Tiger Child' and managed to find our own tiger teddy for the classroom.

Welcome back to Spring term 2!  We have a lovely new addition to Pearl class - a boy called Paris who we are all very excited to have join us. We have had his books, chair, draws, pencil case, coat peg and lots of other bits and pieces ready for him for many weeks now (as we have been so excited and eager for him to join us).


Our topic this half term is ‘Great, Great Britain’.  We will be learning about the traditions and cultures of each of the countries in Great Britain and will focus on a different one each week (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland).  

 Image result for great great britain

We will also be continuing our learning about our bodies will change as we grow older and also how to keep ourselves safe e.g. in different places, around dangerous items, online safety and keeping our bodies private.


The focus for year 6 in English this half term is stories from other cultures. Pearl class will be focusing on the The Tiger Child – a lovely story set in India.  We will continue with our  weekly speaking and listening session where the children will make ‘phone calls’ on real phones to various people / places. This is fantastic for the children to recall their important personal information such as name, address, DOB, dietary requirements, halal / non halal requirements, ordering food / Items from catalogues, booking appointments and responding appropriately to the questions posed to them. Most importantly - they LOVE these sessions! 


 Image result for the tiger child

I hope to see you in a few weeks (21st March) for the coffee morning / workshop on growing up and changing. This is a chance for you to see the resources we use to teach the puberty sessions, ask questions and talk to other parents.  The session will be with myself and Dawn.  


Please check our web page regularly to see all of the great things that we have been doing as I will regularly add photos.


Please see Pearl Class’s curriculum overview for this half term. You can click to view to document or download the PDF on the link below.


Spring 1 

Valentines Biscuits & Cupcakes

Pearl class have been busy making GORGEOUS valentines biscuits and cupcakes ready for the valentine's day tuck shop on Thursday 14th February.   WOW!


In science we have been making rain shakers and exploring how to make the rain sound loud and quiet.  We experimented with different materials - pasta and rice pops to see what different sounds they would make inside the rain shaker.

Assembly Fun

In assembly we performed our hip hop / rap dance.  It was awesome!

Speaking & Listening

Pearl class do amazing speaking and listening sessions.  Using the telephones they make quality phone calls to different people e.g. doctor, dentist, vet, painter and decorator, taxi service, food takeaways.


This week the children chose the food they wanted from the catalogue and ordered it.  


This is amazing speaking and listening practice - recalling their full names, address, DOB, healthy food choices, halal / non halal requirement, saying prices / amounts, general conversation, holding the phone correctly to their ears, dialling numbers said aloud by another child, responding to the person on the other end of the phone (Jacqueline).

Snakes & Ladders

We had an awesome trip to Snakes and Ladders for a morning treat - a chance to play together and mix with children from the public.

Wow Work Wall

In Pearl classroom we have a WOW WORK WALL which is full of the spectacular work that the children do.


We also have a question cloud and a kindness cloud.  The children can write or draw their questions on a postit note and stick it on the question cloud to be answered at a later, appropriate time - this is great if the children have questions to ask but are in the middle of a lesson.


Our kindness cloud is very important - adults and children can write or draw on a postit note something kind which someone has done in Pearl class.  

Pearl Class Valentines Tuck Shop

Guitar Practice

Pearl Class have been learning about Bob Marley and 'jammin' (making music) on Sharon's guitar!

Super Scientists

Pearl class have been exploring different materials to identify which ones are magnetic and which ones are not magnetic. Each child had a five minute mission to collect as many magnetic items as they could. We then discussed the magnetic materials and talked about their shared properties e.g. hard, shiny, metal.


Pearl class also have been investigating solids and liquids. They changed a solid candle into melted, liquid wax. They also prepared liquid jelly for the tuck shop which turned into a solid when left in the fridge. WE LOVE SCIENCE!!!

New Classroom Addition!

Pearl class have a new addition to the classroom...a SUPER, EPIC, AMAZING, MARVELOUS, display unit which was given to them by Inspire swimming pool. EVERYONE LOVES IT!!!

Our Healthy Tuck Shop

For the healthy tuck shop which Pearl class are running on a Friday, we have decided to make healthy, homemade popcorn. We are making the popcorn as part of our science lessons looking at irreversible changes. We felt and described the texture, smell, size and shape of the corn before and after it was cooked.

Tuck Shop Menu


Pearl class have been busy getting ready for the opening of their PEARL-FECT tuck shop this week.   The children researched different healthy snacks on the Asda website, compared the best prices and made a list.  Pearl class then visited Asda and bought everything ready for the tuck shop.  They took their own plastic carrier bags with them to save on money and to save plastic.

The boys in Pearl class have been exploring which type of beard / mustache they would like when they are adults. This was part of our 'growing up' session when we learnt about facial hair. It was great fun!
We have started our 'Black Culture' topic by learning about Rosa Parks. We created portraits of Rosa by filling in missing parts of the picture. The artwork is sensational! We also talked a lot about similarities and differences between people and we compared the skin colour, hair colour and eye colour of our friends and adults in Pearl class.

Autumn 2

Biscuit Decorating

Pearl have enjoyed a Christmas, biscuit decorating attention skills session. The children decorated their biscuits using brushed and different coloured icing. This task was done in silence and was very relaxing!

Education City!

We have been using the internet program Education City to practice our money maths skills - identifying coins and counting out different amounts.

Herring Green Farm

Pearl class went on a SENSATIONAL trip to Herring Green Farm.  

The children learnt about all different animals and wildlife.  The children got to handle owls, falcons, guinea pigs, hedgehogs and also touch and learn about dragons, snakes and millipedes.

As an extra treat the children explored the farmyard and were able to feed one of the goats and meet the ponies.  Daniel Cave quoted, "It was awesome!"

Cardinal Newman Party

On Tuesday 4th December some of the year 6 children visited Cardinal Newman School for a fantastic Christmas party...Santa gave each child a present and there were games, dancing, face painting and lots of FUN!


Pearl class also decorated the Christmas tree in the main foyer, made wonderful decorations and it looks EPIC!!!

Winter Wonderland

We worked in pairs with brilliant teamwork to make 'magic reindeer food'.


We put the magic food inside cellophane bags and sealed them with labels which we had made.  The magic reindeer food is for the WINTER WONDERLAND afternoon.