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Parrot Class

Autumn 1

Welcome to Parrot’s class page, let me introduce you to our staff…  I am Laura the Class Teacher, Jaimi is our TA2’s and we have our teaching assistants Michelle and Becky. The pupils in Parrot class are Ahmed, Amelia, Darnell, Maggie, Mario and Yusuf. 


During Autumn Term 1, Parrot class are looking forward to weekly community learning in Asda. This will support PSHE, Maths and creating links in the community. 




Get ready, Stay safe, Be Healthy 


This half term, our topic is ‘Get Ready, Stay Safe, Be Healthy’, which focuses on the subject of PE and PSHE. During topic lessons, the pupils will be looking at parts of the body, different sports and activities, in order to help us to become fit and healthy. This will follow on to hygiene and personal safety focus finishing off this half term with a week centred on healthy eating and what athletes like to eat. During this week we will use our weekly shop in Asda to look at the different healthy foods on offer. The other visit the pupils can take part in this half term will include a trip to an activity centre to support their sporting understanding. 




This half term we will be reading ‘Spot Goes to the Farm’ by Eric Hill. This story is fun and enjoyable. The pupils will be learning about the characters/animals within the story and will support the pupils pre phonics learning- using the animals’ sounds to identify the correct animals. 


Some lessons may have a colourful semantics task, where some pupils will be developing their understanding of who questions or matching the main characters to toys or pictures. 

In write dance sessions, the pupils will develop their fine motor skills by making colourful marks in a sporting theme. 


Amazon’s description of the book: Dad wants to show Spot the baby animals, but it looks as though they're hiding! Will Spot and Dad be able to find them?



In maths, we will be covering each strand weekly- Number, Geometry and Measure. Keep looking at our web page and reading the home school book to find out which strand we will be covering each week. 



This half-term pupil will be mark making in skills sessions. This will support their creativity and help them to develop motor skills, whilst using technology. We will also link some computing sessions to our topic ‘Get Ready, Stay Safe, Be Healthy’.

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