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Summer 2 Update 

It's the final stretch of the year now and the children of Penguin class have come on so much, to think when we started back in September we were just "Class 2"!. 

We have an action packed half term ahead, our topic is "Water, Water everywhere" a fantastic topic where we learn all about the sea and sea creatures and have lots of fun playing and being creative with water along the way, We have several trips planned for this half term which will include at least one trip to a water park and we will probably go fruit picking (maybe eat most of it whilst we are there) too. 

Our literacy lessons will be based around the book "There's a hole in the bottom of the sea" by Jessica Law. There is a great video that goes with the book and you can watch it on Youtube here or watch it below.

It fits really nicely with our topic and really lends itself to some creative activities. 

In Maths we will continue to teach a broad curriculum encompassing all areas of maths in a creative and inventive way to ensure the children get the most out of their lessons. 

Everyone is Penguin class is looking forward to a fantastic and full filled half term.

A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea

Welcome back to another fun packed half term in Penguin Class. We have a very exciting topic called " we all go travelling by" and every week we will be looking at a different method of transport every week. We are starting by looking at walking, then Bicycles, cars, buses, trains, and ending with boats. We will be going on some exciting trips including a bus trip to town and also a train ride up to Bedford! The staff are also looking forward to the children washing our cars during car week, and they may even be washing your car at home soon.


In Literacy we are looking at the book "We all go travelling by", you can watch a Youtube video of the story here and should you wish to purchase the book to read at home you can buy it from amazon here alternatively it should be available in local bookshops. 


In Maths we will continue to teach a wide variety of mathematical concepts in a creative way to ensure the children remain inspired. 

In the run up to Easter except a few "egg" activities to creep in and there are plans for a mass Easter Egg hunt in the last week of term.

If you have any questions or comments do just write in the home/school book.


David Mingay

Penguin Class teacher


Welcome back to Penguin Class and simply welcome to those who are joining us for the first time. We've had a bit of a shuffle in the school and Margaret has moved to Woodpecker class and we welcome Jaimi as our new Teaching Assistant. We have a very short half term this time around and we intend to pack a lot into it. Our Topic is called "There's no such thing as a Gruffalo" it is based on the book "The Gruffalo" by Julia Donaldson a particular favourite of a lot of people across the school.

In Literacy we will be reading the story and using it as a basis to help work on the children's reading and writing skills. We will also explore creative ways to develop the children's speaking and listening skills too. In our topic lessons we will be looking at things The Gruffalo story
teaches us, mainly about different animals and their characteristics we will be looking at mammals, insects, reptiles, birds, fish and even squeezing in some work on plants.

We have a trip to Wendover woods planned so we can see the Giant Sculpture of the Gruffalo.

In Maths we will continue where we left off last term by continuing to
learn the key areas of maths through creative and inventive methods to keep the children motivated in their learning.

In Expressive Arts we will be continuing with our theme of animals by listening to music that represents different animals and learning to move in the same way as the animals.

I'll keep you updated as best I can through the home/school books.

Welcome to the Richmond Hill East site and welcome to what we are calling "Class 2" temporarily (we are having an internal competition to name the new classrooms here at East).

I had the pleasure of meeting most of you at the recent Meet the Teacher event we had here. This blog is designed to give you an overview of what we're going to be getting up to over the next half term.

Our Topic is called "The Things People do" and each week we will be looking at different jobs people do that the children are likely to encounter. In the first week we just got used to the school and the people here. Week 2 was all about doctors and nurses and we were fortunate enough to have a visit from a local nurse who "treated" the children with bandages and plasters. In Week 3 we will be looking at chef's and making chef's hats and pretending to be chefs, We then move onto hairdressers, postman/women, fire/police (with a visit from Stopsley Fire Station) and ending the half term with shop workers. Each week will have a heavy emphasis on role play as well as classroom activities. 
In Literacy we will be reading the story "Sock It!" by Neil Griffiths. We generally do the same book for at least 4 weeks so the children get the most out of it. In addition we will be learning phonics and this helps the children's speaking and listening as well as reading and writing.


We will be cooking once a week and the focus this half term is bread. We will make different types of bread such as rolls, garlic bread, herb bread etc. The children will all have the opportunity to eat their creations.


As I have mentioned in the home/school books, we have PE on a Wednesday and a Thursday which is taught by our specialist instructor Maisie. This half term we are focusing on routines and learning how to act in the hall and they are also learning some basic hockey skills. The children do not need trainers for PE lessons they can wear plimsoles if you wish or they can do PE in bare feet.


We will also be having computing lessons twice a week where the children will begin to learn some basic computing skills and familiarise themselves with some of the specialist software we use in school. The children are supported in these lessons by our specialist Computing Assistant, Aiden. 


Last of all every 2 weeks on a Thursday afternoon we have "music with Aga". This is a highlight across the school. Aga is an external music instructor who teaches the children simple call and response songs, drumming patterns and various action songs. The children really enjoy these sessions and we find it helps the children's speaking and listening skills. 


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to write in the home/school book.
Class Teacher 

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