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At Richmond Hill we grow independence, build communication and believe you can achieve your personal goals.

Outreach Information


Richmond Hill school receives funding from Luton Education service to deliver Outreach support. We are accountable to Luton SENS department for our service.


The service offer includes advice and support to mainstream schools to maintain successful inclusion of pupils with a learning difficulty including needs such as those with communication barriers, complex behaviour.


Our staff have an incredible wealth of specialist knowledge, including communication strategies, team teach strategies and classroom management.


The service is for initial support and advice, not ongoing support for individual pupils. Outreach do not advise and assess for the suitability of school placement.


We offer a combination of verbal and written advice. We can visit local Luton schools, there may be a charge for academy schools if support becomes significant and frequent. Mainstream colleagues are welcome to visit Richmond hill school, we often find colleagues benefit from seeing strategies in practice.


Luton schools are asked to complete the referral form and email into school where we endeavour an initial response within 10 school days, to book a visit or phone call.


To complete the process, we ask that all who receive support complete an evaluation form to indicate effectiveness of the support and where we can improve the service.


Referral and evaluation forms are available on this website. Completed forms and email to:


If you or your setting requires outreach support and training.

Contact: to request a referral form.

Complete and return the referral form.

Response to initial referral should be within 10 school days of application.

Training and Induction Lead practitioner at RHS will be in contact regarding support and ask for further information if required.



Initial Training

A visit to RHS is recommended initially for the Training and Induction Lead practitioner to demonstrate strategies and resources that are used to support pupils at RHS with additional needs.

A short tour of the school is given to show the strategies used in practice, including a visit to one of the classrooms to show the use of communication aids and resources in the environment.



Subsequent advice/Input

Strategies/resources/links etc to be shared with staff to implement into their setting.

Lead practitioner to visit staff/pupil in school setting.

Further staff members to visit RHS for input.



Follow Up

Contact to be made with setting/staff member to follow up.

Further support to be discussed and actioned.

Evaluation/Feedback forms completed.

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