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Our RSE Changes at Puberty unit of work will be tuaght to years 5 & 6 only (unless parents opt for their child to attend the sessions earlier) during this unit of work pupils will experience learning about:

Children will learn about puberty and the physical and emotional changes which might happen when puberty takes place.  Children will learn about the physical changes which will happen to their bodies (shape, size, hair growth, voice change, spots).  Children will learn about the stages of underwear to be worn as they grow.  Children will learn about pubic hair, body odour, hygiene methods and how to apply a roll on deodorant.  Children will learn and use the correct vocabulary for male and female body parts (including external genital parts).  Children will learn to identify which body parts are private and how to keep these covered.  Girls will learn about the menstrual cycle, how to physically manage their menstrual cycle, breasts and appropriate underwear.  Boys will learn about erections.  Boys and girls will learn that masturbation means touching your private body parts because it feels nice – this is ok only in your own bedroom, alone

An example module from the Yr 5/6 Changes at Puberty unit of work:

Growing up- Changes in my body

To know that puberty changes are normal – they are the transition from a child ­čí¬ teenager ­čí¬ adult.

To learn that my body will change size and shape.

To learn that I will grow taller (this stops when I am 15/16years old)

To learn that I will grow pubic hair under my arms and above my vagina/penis.

To learn that I already have hair all over my body and face but it will grow thicker.

To learn that I might grow facial hair (moustache, beards)

To learn that I might get spots on my face / body / how to manage these.

To learn that I might feel different emotions when puberty changes happen


Boy specific: to learn that my shoulders will become broader.

                 to learn that my voice will change - sound deeper (roleplay)

                 to learn that my ‘Adam’s apple’ will look bigger

                 to learn that I might wear different underwear as I grow.


Girl specific:  to learn that my hips will grow wider.

                 to learn that I will grow breasts.

                 to learn that I will transition from a vest­čí¬crop top­čí¬bra.

                 to learn that I will begin my ‘period’ or ‘menstrual cycle’


Across the school we will be supporting and teaching all our pupils to keep themselves safe by keeping their body private. We will be launching the NSPCC campaign- Pantosaurus, The Underwear Rule on RSE Day 2021.

Please click here to be taken to the NSPCC website. 


Pantosaurus is a child-friendly way to introduce the idea that ‘pants are private’ and how a child can keep safe.

Talk PANTS with Pantosaurus and his PANTS song #TalkPANTS

Meet Pantosaurus - our pant-wearing Dino! He wants every child to stay safe and strong, just like him, and he's on a mission to share an important message.We...

RSE resources

Here are some of the resources we use to teach RSE- Changes at Puberty. 

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