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Hello and welcome to The RHS Expressive Arts page. 
The Expressive Team is made up of David Lloyd (Head of Expressive Arts) and our fantastic specialist teacher Coral McCarthy who currently teaches virtually.
RHS offers all children an exciting and broad curriculum where creative learning is at the heart of all we do. 
So why do we do Expressive Arts?



Expressive Arts Overview for 2020-21 
This year we are fully aware of the impact of Covid and as such want to make sure our creative experiences are both responsive to all necessary safety measures as well as potential societal and cultural needs.
Art is a reflection of life and life looks very different for us all right now. Art has the power to heal and provide joy during this challenging time and our curriculum is here to respond to the current and ongoing needs of our children.

Expressive Arts Journey

Please take a look at our Expressive Arts e-book for 2020-21 - COMING SOON
We hope you enjoy our Expressive Arts journey.

Past Expressive Arts E-Book 2019-20

We hope you enjoyed our Expressive Arts journey.

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