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At Richmond Hill we grow independence, build communication and believe you can achieve your personal goals.

Summer 1

Welcome back to the summer term!

Have a look at our curriculum map below to see all of the things we will be getting up to and check back soon to see some pictures! 

Spring 1 and 2

We have made the switch to remote learning to support our lovely year sevens while we are under lockdown. You have all been amazing in accessing our live streamed sessions through the website and our class lessons through google meets. Thank you parents for your continued support and patience and for your willingness to try new things. We are all learning this as we go but we couldn't do it without our children and families. 


Remember to keep taking part in the live sessions on the website -


Work-packs have found their way to you by now and we will add to those moving forwards.


Have a look at our Virtual Classroom and Virtual Libraries below - open the pdf and then click on lots of the different objects in the class to find links to some fun online activities for you all to take part in. 
Keep checking back for updates and to see what the strange Bitmoji versions of Claire and Jenny are getting up to! 

Express yourself!

Listen along to the music and dance around. This is one of the many things we as a school are doing for Children's Mental Health Week 2021.
We are hoping to make a huge video with as many children as possible dancing to this song at home and at school!

Express Yourself! - It's Children's Mental Health Week!

Click on the pdf to see our latest virtual classroom - can you find all the links?

Autumn Term 2



Our topic this half term focused on light and dark.  Under this umbrella the children explored different festivals and celebrations linked with light, nocturnal animals and sources of light. 

The class got to explore and experience our newly refurbished light room.

The class linked work to important dates, such as Diwali, Road Safety Week and Remembrance Day.

Autumn 1

Year 7 Focus Areas


  • Continuing to develop pupil’s communication- in line with our school ethos and vision whatever their starting point.  We have lots of different communication needs within our group of students, from those who use communication books and signing, to those who need support to be brave and use their “big” voices, to those who need support in articulating more complex needs and feelings. Communication development and Speech and Language activities will be built into every day.


  • Growing their Independence – we want to encourage as much independence as possible: carrying out tasks by ourselves and working with less support, preparing pupils for their future steps.


  • Taking on greater responsibility as they move towards adulthood – We will be working on taking responsibility for our own possessions, setting small targets and goals for ourselves, reflecting on what we have done and what that means and moving towards being as ready as possible for moving to Year 8 and a new school in September 2021.


  • Building their Life and Social Skills – We want to focus on introducing as many “grown-up” skills as we can, from learning to make simple meals like beans on toast or heating soup through; to learning to use the internet safely; to understanding road safety, strangers and how to keep ourselves safe; to learning more about puberty and all of the things that change physically, socially and mentally as we get older.

Please find below our Autumn 1 - Year 7 Curriculum Map



This is half term we are focusing on using kitchen equipment safely and independently, for example the toaster, microwave and kettle.

Cheese Toasties

Learning to use a kettle safely to make Cup a Soup

Where The Wild Things Are - Dressing up and getting into character

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