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Summer 1

The children are already very excited about this half
term’s 'Superheroes'topic where each week we will look at a different Superhero who is named after and links to a different force.


The children will have lots of opportunities to explore different forces and find things out for themselves; they will also make a range of constructions and pictures relating to Superheroes and forces.


In Literacy we are working on the story ‘The Jolly Postman’. This story will bring literacy to life as the children will have lots of opportunities to experience real life activities and will also go on a postman trail. They will explore different stories relating to the characters from the book.


In Maths we will cover several different areas and some of our learning will link to our story The Jolly Postman. We will be visiting a Post Office role play area to compare the sizes and weights of parcels and we will use real coins to buy things such as stamps and envelopes.

Spring 1

Happy New Year from all of us in Opal Class.  This year we have had a new pupil called Jasmine join us.


This half term our topic is Talking Textures, we will be learning lots of new vocabulary and making lots of lovely crafts.


In Science we will be looking at different materials investigating their uses.

In English our work will be based around the story Rainbow Fish and we will be working together to make a lovely wall display in our classroom.


Our cookery is based on our topic and we will be experiencing lots of different textures – using our mouths and fingers.



Autumn 2

We have had a very busy start to this half term doing work around November 5th; this included making some beautiful pictures which are proudly displayed in our classroom.


Our topic this half term is Mission to Mars and we will be learning about the planets, the sun and the moon and will make a rocket to travel to space. We will be looking at astronauts, and will have fun making silly aliens.


In maths we are learning about time, money, measure and number. Literacy will be based The Elves and the Shoemaker and we will be doing lots of fun activities based on the story including our exciting trip to the Golden Shoe trail at Stockwood Park. Light and dark will be explored in Science and this includes learning about electricity.


In cookery we are making different soups and breads and so far they have been delicious. 


Year 5 & 6 year band newsletter


Autumn 1

Welcome to Opal Class 
The children are Aisha, Aamna, Ajwad, Sanmay, Alex, Safwaan, Tyler and Cameron and the adults are Anita, Jane, Lynda, Wendy and Clare.
Our topic this half term is Down in the Jungle and we will be doing lots of fun activities. In literacy we will be reading jungle themed books. In ICT we are working towards making our own animations. In science we will be looking at different types of animals. 
We are all very excited to be working with you and your child and look forward to making your child's last year with us a most enjoyable one.

Computing Activities

Trip to Whipsnade Zoo

Scarecrow competition

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