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Welcome to Silver Class!


Welcome to silver class, my name is Sarah and I am the class teacher.  I am supported by teaching assistants: Shirley, Rachel and Carol.  


The children in Silver class are: Ali, Eashal, Gino, Hasnain, Saaim, Shannon and Thaiba.  We are very pleased that Thaiba has joined us, she is new to the school starting in January 2014.


Summer 2


This half term we have lots of exciting things happening, mostly linked to our Topic of 'Super Hero's'  Each week we have a new force to look at including pushing / pulling / spinning / rolling / up & down.  We will be dressing up as Super Heroes and trying to replicate these forces.  Yesterday we went into the school grounds and identified things we could push.



We will also be learning a Super Hero song listen here and dancing to 'Super Man' to wake ourselves up every morning

In literacy we have started looking at the story 'Aliens love Underpants' and have already designed our own pants and will be sewing pants too.  The book has a lovely website where there are games you can play or print off pictures to colour.


There will be lots more exciting things to come so please keep looking!


Super Hero Spinning: We are looking at the force of spinning this week, next week will be rolling followed by up / down and finally magnets


Summer 1


This term is a very short term, yet we have lots packed in!


Our Topic is 'The Frog Chorus' where we will be doing everything you can think of about Frogs!  Things include the lifecycle of a Frog, Looking at Monet's Water lilies, visiting ponds to see if we can see frog spawn and tadpoles, frog cooking and frog crafts. 

Bridge over a Pool of Water Lilies, 1899 - By Us!


Pond Dipping at Ashridge


In cooking we made Pea Soup!

We have even managed to link our literacy to frogs too and will be studying the books 'The Frog Prince'.  The Cbeebies website has a lovely version of the story which you can share and enjoy with your child.



Spring 2


This term we have lots of changes to Silver Class: A new child has joined us and we have had changes to adults too, Rachel has moved to another class and we now have Adele and Pauline. I am so proud of all our children and how well they have coped with all this change.


In literacy we have been looking at Dinosaurs all term and have had lots of fun role playing Dinosaurs in the ‘Dinosaur Café’, making Dinosaur swamp juice, writing our own books on Dinosaurs, making Dinosaurs out of junk modelling.

At the dinosaur cafe!

We plan to visit a library like Harry did, perhaps visit a cafe and hopefully towards the end of the half term actually see Dinosaurs at either Knebworth or the Natural History Museum.  Details will be sent in the communication books nearer the time.




We will be spending lot of time on number, specifically securing our knowledge of counting accurately. Some children will be learning to estimate and some children will be learning to record information in pictograms and tally charts.



Our Topic has been ‘Through the Decades’ where we have spent one went on each decade from 1940’s to 1990’s we experienced food, dance, toys and art from each decade.

Through the decades topic work


In the style of Jackson Pollack - Number 5 - 1948


1950's art: 'Lowery' style drawings


This term we have also had bespoke Science lessons  where we have tested paper, investigated floating and sinking, coloured mixed and this week have tested how we can protect an egg from smashing.



As we are running up to Easter this week we have also been looking at the celebration of Easter and have cooked, dressed up, written cards and even had a maths Easter egg hunt!


To finish off the term yesterday had a trip to the ‘Fun Factory’ where all children had a great energetic time.

Fun factory


Spring 1

We have had a lovely half term in Silver Class, some of our highlights are detailed below:


In literacy we have studied 2 books ‘Room on the Broom’ and ‘Barry the Fish with Fingers’.


We thoroughly enjoyed making witches brew, dressing up as witches acting out the story and making chips to eat with our witch. 

For Barry the Fish with Fingers we have spent lots of time making bubbles like fish!  We followed instructions to make bubbles by blowing and improved our gross motor skills making bubbles by scrubbing! 

Paint Blowing

In Numeracy we have enjoyed working on our ‘using and applying’ skills with lots of pattern making.  We have also spent time looking at positional language and have been learning to understand the terms: under, through, and on.

Our Topic has been ‘Talking Textures’ where we have been carrying out lots of sensory activities where the photos have already been on the website and have visited Ashridge to experience outdoor textures, again these photos are already on the website. 


Other activities from our topic include: weaving, sewing and tie dying.  I hope you enjoy the photos of these activities.

Ashridge Forest

Sensory Textures

In literacy we will be looking at 'Room on the Broom' a fun book written by Julia Donaldson and later in the half term 'Barry the Fish with Fingers'.  


Room on the Broom

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