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Summer 2


In literacy, Silver Class have now finished their story, 'Paddington'. They completed lots of writing, looked at maps, and enjoyed art and cookery tasks related to the book.


This half term we are studying the Literacy book Cinderboy and already the children appear to be really enjoying it.  We have created football reward charts linked to the text and the children are receiving footballs for their goal when they are completing good work.


Topic this half term is 'How does your garden grow?' and we are looking at planting, vegetables, fruit and trees.  We have already carried out a broad bean experiment and planted sunflowers to observe them grow.  We are hoping to have a trip to a 'pick your own' farm later in the half term.  We are linking our cookery lessons to the Topic and we have made biscuits in the shape of a sunflower. We are planning on making a vegetable curry, fruit kebabs, fruit smoothies and a fruit crumble.

Topic activities 'How does your garden grow?'

Summer 1


Topic this half term is Showtime and the children will be looking at the  circus and the acts they may see at the circus.  They will also have the opportunity to have a go at circus acts such as stilt walking, juggling, plate spinning etc.  The company SPLATS will be visiting to teach them circus skills and we will end the half term with a year band circus extravaganza. 


In cookery the children will experience making and tasting food they may find at the circus.


Trips this half term will be to different supermarkets to buy the ingredients we require to cook.  The children will experience shopping and using money out in the community. 


Topic activities - 'Show Time'


Spring 2 - Recap

Silver class enjoyed studying the Literacy book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory you can see a picture of all their work on the display board.


This half term Silver class will be studying the Literacy book Paddington written by Michael Bond and illustrated by R.W.Alley.  The children will be participating in writing, reading, speaking and listening activities linked to this text.

Spring 2

This half term we will continue with the Literacy book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for the first two weeks.  We will then be looking at some non-fiction books and talking about the difference between fiction and non-fiction text, we will look at the contents page and the index.


Topic this half term is Town and Country and we are looking at the children’s own houses, houses in town, houses in the country, pets in town and animals in the country.


For the children to fully experience this Topic we will be going on several trips to the town and the country.


We have already visited the childrens homes and the children have learnt what type of house is it eg a bungalow, detached etc. We have been to Luton town to look at the buildings in a town and experience the sights and sounds.  We related this trip to Numeracy this week by using money to buy a drink in town.



This week as part of our Topic Town and Country we went out on the mini bus and looked at different houses in Luton. We went to the Luton Hoo hoping to have a photo taken outside. On arrival we were greeted and invited to have a look inside at the beautiful interior.


The children were very polite and walked carefully around the hotel amazed at the grand rooms, they were a credit to Richmond Hill and said thank you as we left, it was a lovely afternoon.

Trip to Luton Hoo

Numeracy activities


Spring 1

Silver Class have been studying the Literacy book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The children have completed lots of writing, reading, speaking and listening activities related to this book.They have created a display board that features work from all of the children which we refer to in our Literacy lessons.


The children have made hot chocolate and imagined how Charlie felt when travelling down the chocolate river.  They have participated in hot seating and imagined themselves as characters in the book. 


Topic Pictures, Paintings and Photographs the children looked at different painters and their various styles:-

Andy Warhol – Pop Art

Seurat - Pointillism

Van Gogh – Post impressionism

Monet – Impressionism


The children have re-created some of the artist’s most famous paintings eg The water lilly pond by Monet, The poppy field by Monet, The sunflowers by Van Gogh. These pictures have all been displayed in the classroom and outside the classroom, the children worked very hard on them.

Charlie and the chocolate factory - Golden ticket biscuits


Autumn 2


This half term Silver class will be studying the traditional tale, Hansel and Gretel. We will be participating in writing, listening, speaking and reading activities linked to this text.  


The children have been busy this week making props and scenery for a role play area linked to the text outside Gold and Silver class.  The children have painted trees, created a scary witch, and painted candy canes and lollipops for the witches house made out of sweets. 


We are planning a trip to Ashridge, to walk through the woods, act out some of the scenes from Hansel and Gretel and  look for the hidden cottage in the woods.  Already the children are asking and answering lots of questions related to the text.


Topic this half term is Let There be Light. This week we have painted firework pictures both on  paper and on the computer package Purple Mash, and we have created catherine wheels.    We will be exploring and investigating   different light sources throughout the term using a variety of  torches in a dark environment. We will make simple electrical circuits and candles etc.


As we approach the Christmas holidays we are going to be visiting Milton Keynes shopping centre to explore the lights.

Numeracy activities

Literacy activities


Autumn 1


Welcome to Silver class


I am Colette the class teacher and working with me are Shirley, Claire, Natalie and Wendy.  The children in Silver class are Anna, Ismaill, Kian , Lazim,  Raees,  Sahir and Victor  and you can see our self portraits below that we created on the 2 simple package in one of our ICT lessons.


Our topic this Half term is “What a load of junk”. Each week we will be exploring a different material such as metal, wood, plastic and fabric.  This week we have been finding metal around the school and testing it to see if it is magnetic.

We will have a week on recycling and exploring ways to keep our environment tidy and will do some litter picking around the school.


Literacy this half term we will be studying the book Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell and be participating in writing, listening, speaking and reading activities linked to this text.  This week the children designed a shell for Norman the slug in ICT.


In Numeracy the children will spend a week studying a particular area such as Number, Using and Applying, Money, Shape, Space and Measure. 


This week in Number the children have been counting objects to ten on the Interactive whiteboard, on  a worksheets, counting real objects in the classroom and real objects in the environment.


Literacy/Cookery - Ice-creams

Topic - 'What a Load of Junk'


Literacy - Making doughnuts like Norman in the book 'Norman the slug with the Silly Shell'

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