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The Eggs have been distributed today ready for jarping.




For those who don't know here are the rules:


  • Eggs can be decorated with Pens or pencils ONLY.
  • No paint, no glue, nothing that will harden the surface of the egg.


This will be scrupulously enforced on Friday. Any egg that has been tampered with in this way will be disqualified.




How to "jarp". 


  • One egg is tapped onto the other, the winning egg is the egg that is not damaged.




The draw for which classes will face each other in the preliminary rounds will take place this afternoon.




Heats must be held in each class and the winner will play for their class egg jarping honour on Friday.




Friday's tournament will be a knockout!




As there are 15 classes in school one class will face Jill in the preliminary round.




The winning child will get an Easter Egg as a prize and will be presented with the Egg Jarping trophy on behalf of their class.

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