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Feedback from Claire the Eco-Schools Assessor

We received some feedback from our eco-schools assessor Claire after her visit last month. We thought we would share this lovely comment with you...
'Well done Richmond Hill School! The enthusiasm and dedication that was shown by the pupils, Emma and Vicky- and by the head teacher in allowing them to develop Eco-Schools work- is the key. With gardening being a particularly strong area, it was demonstrated to me repeatedly how much of a positive impact Eco-Schools is having and how much the children seem to embrace this. With the school catering for such a wide range of abilities in the children, I was particularly impressed by the way that the school had not only taken on board the ethos of Eco-Schools through curriculum planning but also managed to adapt it, in order to make it relevant and accessible to every child. An absolute pleasure to visit, thank you! Please keep up the hard work!'



We are really proud of the eco work we do around our school. We haven't got time to sit back and relax though, we have more plans in the pipeline to keep us improving and moving forward.

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