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Emergency Home School Fund

In Luton 46% of children live in poverty. Poverty means you can’t always afford things like food, clothing and learning resources.  The Covid-19 crises has made this even harder for families.  If you can’t afford food, clothing or learning resources to keep your 3- 18 year old learning and feeling good, then this fund is for you. We can support with anything up to the value of £30 per child for clothing and learning resources and £30 per family for food.


What you can apply for

  • Everyone should be able to eat three good meals a day. It’s really hard to learn and concentrate if you are hungry or only eat chocolate. We can help by providing you with a grocery shop giving you food and essentials in the cupboard to keep you fuelled.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to keep on top of the washing. If you only have a couple of sets of clothes, that can make it even harder. If you are 3 – 18 and need an extra item of clothing to ensure you have something to wear that you feel good in we can buy you something you like.
  • Learning Resources. Learning is much easier if you have some resources to help. Perhaps it’s books, learning guides or art materials. Let us know what would help keep you learning and we can have it delivered to your door.

Follow this link to find out more and to apply online.

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