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This afternoon we have something to really look forward to. A flute and guitar duo are coming to play for us called, Vespertine Duo. 


This musical opportunity for all the children is provided absolutely free of charge from a company called Live Music Now. You can read more about them at this site


We shall be putting photos on our website soon, so watch this space.

Have a look back at the last concert




Today in Green Class was the big day of our performance of Where the Wild Things Are. After lots of rehearsing, we invited Blue Class to be our audience. The children did really well, remembering all their cues, and putting their all into "roaring their terrible roars, gnashing their terrible teeth, and showing their terrible claws". They danced their way through the wild rumpus, and went to sleep when 'Max' told them to. All the adults were very proud of them, and Blue class were a great audience.


You can see the photos here

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