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The TUI Games supported by SportInspired were held on Wednesday 8th March 2017 at the Inspire Luton Sports Village.


The day involved local sports clubs putting on a variety of different sports in which teams of 10-11 competed against each other, in all the sports.


The day’s aims were as follows:

•      To allow competitors to experience as many local sports as possible

•      To inspire competitors in trying & taking up new sports

•      To create an inclusive environment where participants of varying abilities can partake in sporting activity alongside one another

•      To continue building local community links

•      To inspire, motivate and help build our next generation of student leaders and sports men and women

•      To encourage local children to use their local parks and leisure centres.

•      To encourage your child to have an active and healthy lifestyle

•      TUI employees to connect with their local community

•      To promote local opportunities for young people with disabilities to get involved with sport

  • To practice fair play

  • TO HAVE FUN!!!


We participated in 6 different activities, provided by local sports clubs and TUI Volunteers. We had some lovely young leaders and volunteers from TUI who provided support to the children so they had the best introduction to the sports.


We took 12 children from year 5/6 to the event and they made us all very proud. They really enjoyed the day and could identify the sport they liked the most. To top off a fantastic day we WON the trophy for ‘The best team spirit’! The children ran up to collect their trophy with the rest of the participants cheering and confetti cannons going off. A truly magical and eye watering moment.


We would like to say a big thank you to all those involved in making the TUI games happen and look forward to coming again next year.

Well done everyone!

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