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At Richmond Hill we grow independence, build communication and believe you can achieve your personal goals.

We have done some ordinary things, some extraordinary things and some amazing things this school year. 


We did numeracy and literacy the Richmond Hill way, making it fun and interesting. (why didn't my teachers do that when I was at school?!?)


We have covered loads of topics, 'All about me', 'Whizz bang', 'What a performance', 'Down on the farm', Splish, splosh, splash', 'Busy bodies', 'Over the rainbow', 'Cafes', Treasure Island', 'New life', 'Different places, different lives', 'Down in the jungle', Mission to Mars and beyond', Talking textures', ' The frog chorus', Through the decades and 'Superheroes'.


We have been on on so many trips, to farms, shops, the fun factory, Gullivers land, Ashridge forest, Pizza Express, the theatre, Kids out, elearning, Milton Keynes, Bedford on the train, Cassiobury water park and more that I can't even remember.


We have power walked around the local park, rolled down its hills and played in the park.


We have raised lots of money for Sports relief and the Happy days charity.


We have created so many videos to help remind us what we have learnt and the fun we have had. We launched our new website and adults got new email addresses.


Spider man was spotted on the school roof!


Our 3 sports days had fantastic weather and everyone was able to take part. 


This week we will have said goodbye to both children and adults who are moving on this summer. 


All that's left to be said is...


Thank you for all your support over the year and we will see you all again in September, have a great summer.


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