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At Richmond Hill we grow independence, build communication and believe you can achieve your personal goals.

Hannah Cameron


Quality of education whole school lead

I am delighted to introduce myself to you as the Headteacher and whole school quality of education lead.


I have taught in special schools over the past 19 years, including schools in Hertfordshire, inner London and the Cayman Islands.


I am passionate about curriculum development and working with staff to ensure we implement our vision through purposeful and meaningful learning opportunities. Whilst providing our learners with real life experiences so that we are preparing them for their next steps in life.


I am committed to ensuring we equip all pupils with the knowledge skills and understanding  they need to be effective learners so they may have as happy, fulfilled and successful futures as possible- constantly looking at ways, in collaboration with staff, to improve teaching and learning opportunities.

Adele Ward

Business Manager

My name is Adele Ward; I started working for Richmond Hill in 2007 employed as a Finance Assistant. When I started working at the school there were 79 pupils on our role all at our Sunridge Avenue site. I have seen the school expand and grow significantly over the past 14 years and am proud to have been involved.


My current role is Business Manager and my main duties are looking after the schools budget and health and safety. I work across both sites supported by our site team and finance assistant and administration team.


In my spare time I enjoy cooking, reading, socialising, weekends away and long country walks.

Gill Thornton

Office manager

My name is Gill Thornton; I joined Richmond Hill in 1999 as a receptionist when my children were young. I applied to the advertisement that stated “Richmond Hill is in a period of change”. I can honestly say that I have seen a lot of change!


My current role is Office Manager and you will see me over both sites, a lot of my time is spent managing the recruitment and HR for all our staff. I have a great team to help me.


In my own time I enjoy travel, keep fit and socialising with my family and friends and especially having fun with my 2 small grandsons.

Emma Gildersleve

Interim Joint Head of Small School - East Site

I am Emma Gildersleve, I am an Interim Joint Head of Small School here at Richmond Hill School supporting the Shoots Pathway. I started Richmond Hill thirteen years ago as a Newly Qualified Teacher and have been fortunate to develop my own career as the school has grown over the years. I have seen lots of positive changes to the school both structurally (the school building itself) and internally (staffing, the curriculum, amount of pupils).


My passion has always been behaviour management and this forms part of my role today. I am currently the Lead Teacher for PSHE, RSE and Physical and Sensory curriculum. I am very proud to be part of Richmond Hill School.


Jenny Cottam

Interim Joint Head of Small School - East Site

My name is Jenny, I have been a teacher for 16 years and have experience of working in both mainstream and Special Needs schools. I am excited to be part of the new developments that are taking place across Richmond Hill.  In my role as Interim Joint Head of Small School, I oversee our Leaves Pathway and whole school assessment. I have a passion for teaching science and outdoor based learning.  Outside of school I like to spend time with my family, gardening, travelling and 'try' to keep fit.


It is a privilege to work at Richmond Hill and I have been with the school for over 10 years. We have fantastic children, a great staff team and a supportive wider school community including parents and governors. This allows our children to access a wide range of experiences, to develop and build their social and academic skills.

Angela Ospalak

Assistant Headteacher & Training and Induction Lead practitioner - West Site

I am the Assistant Headteacher & training and induction lead practitioner at Richmond Hill school. I work across the two sites, Monday and Tuesday I teach at East site and Wednesday - Friday I am based at West site. I am responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring effective training pathways for all staff. I am also responsible for ensuring there is an effective induction process for new staff that is monitored and supports effective teaching and learning. I am developing outreach provision to further support a wider network of local schools.

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