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Pupils Achievement Data

Assessment, moderation and progress at RHS


At Richmond Hill School we measure progress in many different ways. We use a grid system to measure progress in Maths, English, Science and ICT. This system allows us to see the many very small steps of progress our pupils make.


We put our core subject results into a nationally recognised database called CASPA. This enables us to analyse our assessment data. CASPA allows the attainment and progress of pupils to be bench-marked against the attainment and progress of other children of the same age, level of prior attainment and categories of Special Educational Need, using comparative data based on the analysis of results submitted to us by users of CASPA throughout the country.


We have also designed systems to encapsulate the progress that cannot be measured academically, important life skills that the children gain whilst at Richmond Hill. Progress can be measured through our intensive list of skills checklists including gardening and cookery.


Progress is measured through the child’s PLP (Personalised Learning Plan) which is written based on the needs identified in the child’s EHCP (Educational Health Care Plan). This is reviewed termly and new targets are agreed annually at the Annual Review Meeting with parents.


We have two moderation processes to ensure that our assessments are accurate. We have in-house moderation meetings each half term. We also take our results to a cross authority moderation group of other special schools to compare and benchmark. We use data produced through three years of moderated assessment at this group of Good and Outstanding schools to act as a comparison tool for our Key Stage Data.


Parents get a progress report at each annual review with a printout of current assessment and targets for the year. Progress is also discussed at Parent's meetings. Parents also get a copy of their child’s PLPs three times a year.


Richmond Hill is always striving to improve and to keep up with the changing dynamics of pupils. We have been working on a new and exciting assessment package to replace the use of CASPA and our grids. We will soon be implementing a new assessment package that we have developed alongside Woodlands Secondary School. This will create a more cohesive assessment tool that can show continued progress from the time a pupil starts Richmond Hill to the time they leave Woodlands. This assessment package ‘Looking at Learning’ will use SOLAR, an online pupil assessment tracker for pupils with Special Educational Needs. 

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