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Pupils Achievement Data

Assessment, moderation and progress at RHS

We measure the progress that our pupils make using nationally recognised Pre National Curriculum Levels (P Levels).

These levels progress from P1-P8. Progress beyond this is measured on National Curriculum levels.


At Richmond Hill School, in order to demonstrate and measure all the progress made by all children, we divide each curriculum level into 5 sub levels- so, for example, 1 level progress is 5 sub levels and 2 levels are 10 sub levels etc.

We set high expectations and the majority of our pupils make 3 sub levels of progress each year. 


We put our results into a nationally recognised data base called CASPA. This enables us to analyse our assessment data. CASPA allows the attainment and progress of pupils to be bench-marked against the attainment and progress of other children of the same age, level of prior attainment and categories of Special Educational Need, using comparative data based on the analysis of results submitted to us by users of CASPA throughout the country.


We have two moderation processes to ensure that our assessments are accurate. We have in-house moderation meetings at least each half term. We also take our results to an area moderation group of other special schools to compare and benchmark.


Parents get a progress report at each annual review with a printout of current assessment and targets for the year. Parents are also given a copy of the level descriptors for each P level. Progress is also discussed at Parent's meetings.