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Sports Premium Funding

The Sports Premium is additional funding given to schools to improve physical education. It is for Primary aged children. The ethos in the school is to provide lots of opportunities for physical activities. Many classes have daily power walks in the park, and our fabulous outside equipment is available to all pupils at all break times. It is a rare day that we don’t go outside, and pupils have appropriate clothing to enable full use of the outside environment.

This is how we have chosen to use this additional money.



Spending update pending



The funding for 2018-19 is £17,626
Funding will go towards the provision of additional shading/shelter for East site to ensure that the outdoor space can be used in all weathers.
Additionally, extra bikes and scooters will be purchased. In particular, the “penny-farthing” style bikes have been very popular and more of these will be purchased.


Impact of funding
The pupils will be able to access outdoor space to play despite extremes of weather. The penny-farthing bicycles enable pupils to get their balance and confidence prior to riding a normal cycle.



The funding during this academic year will be £8,600.

As the overall number of pupils has risen to 177 we will purchase additional playground equipment and purchase a storage shed for the bikes, toys and scooters for our East site.

It will also part pay for the installation of upper body strength Monkey bars at West site.




We received £8,535.  The allocation this  will be spent on;

  • Training some staff on Rebound Therapy.
  • Resurfacing the Quad area with artificial grass so that it can be used throughout the year. It is prone to getting muddy and has to be out of action to give the grass time to recover.
  • Likewise make an all-weather pathway to the swing area so that they can be used all year safely.



We received £8,000 through this government initiative.This was spent on the purchase of additional bikes and trikes for the playground. In particular the “penny farthing” style bikes have been very popular and they have enabled pupils to get their balance and confidence prior to riding a normal cycle.


We also bought new trampettes that are used in the sensory circuit sessions each 

morning with the Key Stage 1 classes. This initiative has had a noticeable impact on pupil concentration and general physical health. The trampettes are also used in general PE lessons.



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